Probably the most mouthwatering experience this month was to scroll up and down… and up again on This US shop takes Beyonce’s song “If I Were A Boy” to a whole new level for me! This discovery is possibly the most dangerous ever for my wallet. But I would still wish I were a boy, because it seems that you must be pretty fast on purchasing these babies before there only a few US13 pairs left. Anyway, here they are…

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While I’m still quite old-fashioned when thinking about conscious clothes, this spring collection for H&M had me convinced that clothes don’t have to be off-white, loose and linen-like to be conscious.

I have fallen in love with 3 classics:

The white tailored 3-piece suit

The black one-piece with cropped pants and open back


The perfect LBD


Many have seen it. Some of them have lived it. And I just ended up being obsessed with it.

As usual I neglected the excitement everyone seemed to share about the new ‘it’-colour mint. But then, already then I could have told myself that it would certainly become my all favourite colour at some point.
And of course too late.

It started out when I insisted on painting the walls in our new apartment in ‘light mint’ to make it look more royalistic. My rather untraditional idea was accepted, though almost every apartment in Denmark has standard white wall clear wallpaper. As a reward I came up with maybe the best name for an apartment ever: “The Mint Penthouse”. And the mint obsession began.

Now everything mint-coloured is pretty, no matter what it is.





Vanity Fair clothing advertising from 1950s-1960s (13)









Screen shot 2013-03-09 at 11.27.25 PM Screen shot 2013-03-09 at 11.27.45 PMIMG_1234

The fact is that I lost the track of thoughts that kept me on posting.
And then I forgot to keep the head over the water.
And now I am overanalyzing my use of metaphors in the previous two sentences, which actually leads me back to the whole change that happened during the past half a year. The writing has for me become all about saying something the right way instead of being a channel to process as much new information as possible. Or on a very uninspirational day something that just needs to be done.
As big a change as I think it is it might not have the greatest impact in here.
Let’s see.
Anyway I’m back.

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