Right now:
Doing Roskilde Festival homework, listening to Arctic Monkeys.
It is ok going to the festival not knowing any of the underground artists, but the header is got to be something you should know, in my world.

I’ll get my ticket, will make a list of the artists, I will try to hear, when I’m not asleep or too hangover. Although last year none of that stopped me. I found out that approximately 4 hours sleep is all you need to have a chance to stand up and start partying for the next 20 hours. And even if you can’t get a Jägermeister shot down at 11am, you will for sure be able to do that at 1pm.

The last days:
We have had Distortion! Yaw! I attended all the days this time, it was cray-zay! It’s still unreal that 100.000 attended only the first day, but I’m so so proud that all the minimarket stores in the city still had beer even when 7/11 was sold out! Cheers!
Then it was an awesome joke to tell the turists, that yeah, the weekend starts early in Copenhagen, and it’s exactly like this every week. They couldn’t believe it could get That good.
All my friends got together across the “friends groups”, something I’ve never seen before, but it was the best!
I did prepare my outfits the night before every day, I loved them all. Street, bright and shiny. Very much alike the weather and the city festival feeling.
I saw a guy, walking with a little camera in his hand, stretched out behing him, an odd position, but he got the angle just perfect to see him walking into Distortion. A great idea for a Documentary, but not so handy. I had an iPhone to make miracles with, just so I could remember what happened the day before.


My sneaks didn’t leave my feet under the Distortion, and they got a shower every morning!

On one side of Vor Frue Church

On the other side at the same time



Kidd was there too

Foam Techno Party, yes, Sunny beach got jealous


Dance in the skies

Beer, sambuca shot, and 0,5 Bacardi in me: Nørrebronx goes up in smoke! Cages with people and music rolling up and down the heavily crowded street.

Find the brightest spot on the picture and you’ll find me, doing the fancy sneaker-wearing chiller-pose of a person, that fits in
Photo by Simon Fals

Søndre Boulevard rocked a sound system every 5 meters

Every red car needs a girl

Fashion Match

5 seconds later getting all the attention by doing the MJ move while tucking the belt

we were like them, only more creative with the sitting disposition

The Glorious Days

Two songs were playing in our head on repeat:

and you must do the dance!



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