I am my hair, It’s all the glory that I bare

The first thing: I am reeeealllly hungry for some bacon or a burger. Now it’s said. It happens often that I see or smell something many times a day, just not quite enough and without getting it, so it ends up pretty much like the only thing I can think of at the end of the day.

So, I have been thinking, since I’m really happy with my new blond hair, I want to take a walk down the memory lane and see all my haircuts and colours for the last few years.

light stripes

shoulder length, bangs

Sharp cut, inspired by Victoria Beckham, with bare neck and longer hair at the front. You need to staighten your hair each morning in order for it to look good

The shortest cut I’ve ever had. I did it while wearing leather leggings and a white graphic top from COS, strongly believing that I’m going to be the next big cool thing. Then I tried to mix a classic look with an architecture student look and kinda lost myself. Black, white and sharp has never worked out for me for longer than a night.

After some time it got long again and I dyed it blond again. After a week or two the yellowish shade was gone and I was living an american dream. The only thing I needed in my life was a surfboard.

Then I dyed it a couple of shades darker to get a bit closer to my natural colour and ended with my original colour. Actually I don’t wanna be one of those girls, who can’t even remember their original haircolour, but there’s nothing to do when you look a lot prettier with another shade. So the original colour was too boring, and I got bangs again. This time the fancy ones, a project all of my girls participated in. Sorry, that was not something I could rock, even though I’ve tried. An alluring pin-up look was somehow wrong on my round young-ish face 🙂

And there I ended with the long blond hair yet again. Who would mind to look like a real life Barbie doll?


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