generation iphone

I wonder whether Emma Gad was modern enough to write a rule about not answering the phone during a meal in her famous book of good manners.
I think often of that book. I read about it in an old issue of Costume and remember giving it to 2 two of my friends, feeling that it was both an inspiring and funny book. I haven’t read it myself though.

Regarding the phone: there are 3 groups of people, that handle the meal/phone situation differently.

The first group. Often young people, who have grown up with a mobile in their hand. Their multitasking skills are so advanced, that they can text, facebook (it’s time for fb to get it’s own verb, right?), check-in wherether they go, on a touch phone, even without looking at it. And did I forget to say, that they are listening to the newest mix, streaming from a hipsta website? I may sound a little sarcastic? Hi, my name is Kristina and I’m one of them.

The second group. VIP, not the exclusive part of them. No, just people that are very important (or feel that they are), that can’t miss a phone call. Actually, you will be counted as the interrupting part if you open your mouth during the important phone conversation.

The third group. The old fashioned people that prefer the live contact with people. Their meals will run smoothly as if they were at the movies, with the phone switched off.

So the question is:
is there a need for a change or a modern twist to the well known rules of etiquete or are we better off following the old ones?
And because of that one year I spent at a university, here must come these big ones:
is it just us updating the technology, or is technology updating us?
is it something we should accept og fight?
is it a positive or a negative change?
and where does it leave us in some years?

p.s. Thank you for this wisdom, university, I feel really deep and intelligent when such questions pop up under my blond hair!


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