2 x 7

We’ve been Meatpacked, we’ve danced on some pretty high stuff, actually only me, it’s now a thing of mine. Soon I will need to make a checklist for the places where I’ve done that, so I don’t do it twice and hopefully the people will forget and won’t recognize me… hahah
I’m beginning to feel like a Spector, like they’ve got a reputation for jumping on the speakers. I’ve got a hang of it at Roskilde or was it before?

I’ve been working – a lot.

I’ve seen Roxette, nope, heard them, there were crazy many people at Tivoli. Tt was good and all the desired songs were played, but Marie Fredriksson tried unfortunately to hit a lot of high notes in a lot of improvisations. And she just can’t do it anymore. So sorry, but she still looks reeeeeallllly cool.

Then I started to cook real food, not “smørrebrød”, which I haven’t done in ages. It resulted in

Chicken curry in coconut milk with rice.
Basically you just sear curry in loads of butter. Then you sear chicken stripes, in that, then you add some vegetables: I had champignons, onion, carrots and asparagus. It don’t have to look like a soup in the end, so you just do it for some minutes. Add more butter if you feel for it! And don’t forget salt and pepper. Then you just add coconut milk from a can and boiled/ready to eat rice. Yummy! I was sooo proud of how good it tasted, so I called it the take-away dinner!

Tortilla wraps with onions, cabbage, carrots, champignons, asparagus and tomatoes all medium fried with loads of butter salt, pepper and gharam masala. Make sure all the vegetables are cut in small pieces, it is seriously tastier. Then I added smoked trout and boiled eggs. And then I ate 3 wraps in a row.. and felt like dying and didn’t eat a thing for the rest of the day. And I couldn’t eat the dessert pancakes my homie made, so be careful not to overeat.

Then I made neck chops with spaghetti and ratatouille with 3 cloves of garlic, onions, carrots, champignons and zucchini. All of it was fried in olive oil, salt, pepper and hot madras curry. I was really going for a hot meal. Then you add the chopped tomatoes sauce, the one that you can buy in all food stores and stir the whole thing so the taste is even all over. Hmmm… that’s what I think it should be doing when it’s cooking, I’m not sure though.

So what’s been cooking in here.

This weekend was one of the funniest, best, whatever.. awesome nights in a long time. See for yourself.

Yesterday I was out making bonfire in Christiania in the night with two of my friends. It was just a start: grill or no grill, the bonfire is what is nice in the summer, when you even can’t take a swim because of the ridiculously cold weather!

That’s it for now.
And here’s your goodnight song.


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