an outing with Monki, based on the keywords: girly, confident and remarkable.
It’s rarely an event or happening itself, that dictates me to sit down and think about an outfit. It’s the fun of getting a new idea, finding a new combination, that makes me wanna spend some time. I don’t like the comfortable feeling of getting in a secure outfit, the exact mix of clothes, I’ve had on before. And it’s a challenge, when you are not helping yourself with some shopping.
Though it sometimes seems as your daily success won’t be appreciated, when you don’t go out or capture it. This is when I miss school, where you always was guaranteed a big audience, as the checking out of the fellow students is one of the most exciting games, there is. haha
Anyways, I’m still running my ‘planning the outfit’ routine every evening, both for the sake of time saving in the morning and as I’m getting faster and better at it along time. Yes, now I don’t even have to try the clothes on anymore, I can picture the different possibilities in my mind and the chosen possibility never disappoints med in the end. Cheers.


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