craziness up next week

For fashion people it will be all about fashion week from the Wednesday on. I will not participate this time and it’s funny because: it begins to be rather trendy NOT to be interested in fashion(week) amongst my friends. When I started going to shows a couple of years ago, we would give a-ny-thing for getting in to a show, getting on a list for a party or even be quite excited for a shop reception. And I don’t need to tell you about hours, spent in front of a mirror, setting up just the right ensembles, that could easily could go for a dress up. We may have missed it sometimes and I bet some people had a good laugh, but as fearless as we were, looking straight forward and a bit up, none of us ever cared.
But if none of us stands up to being called fashionistas, following the trends and obsessing with the fashionweek, because our style is influenced by art, music and most of all, ourselves, then we per definition must be hipsters? But isn’t it the only thing you don’t want to be called (aloud) in Copenhagen at the moment? Still wondering…

My fashionweek moments:

one of the rules: you never follow the weather, your outfit was planned a month ago and you will be rather sipping an icecold beer at 10am than wearing something lighter
it was about 30 degrees, and I was dying!

stick out! don’t wear black, pose and remember that fur!

at home, brunch, just woke up, remembered it’s fashion week and put a hat on!

still waking up, sugar shot

checking fab credibility, in need of double camera equipment

last day of the fashionweek, still dressed to impress, but more hooded.. the only thing needed: GIGANTIC sunglasses, it rained but still, do you re-a-lly think that we wear sunglasses against the sun?!

yes, she pulled the Wang style, and were lucky enough to one the sunglasses

Fashion Week, we had our good time, now feel free to take other youngsters, convert them to the Vogue religion, get them drunk, continuously hungry with your mini cupcakes and maybe already exhausted and DONE with the whole fashion thing after three days. Thank you and good bye!


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