so so so serious

I’m getting more and more motivated. I have exactly 15 days to write a top notch application for a university far far away. Suddenly it’s the only thing I am thinking of and suits me well, because as I’m getting older I should get more rational and find the call. Now I am pretty sure I’ve chosen the right way.

p.s. I’ve also been thinking more than I probably should about what I would do with myself if “The Vampire Diaries” tv-series suddenly stopped. It’s a terrifying thought. I am addicted to Damon Salvatore. But it’s another story.

  1. Tobias said:

    Is it U in the blue shirt, Kristina?? HOT!

  2. Close, Tobias 🙂 det er Mary-Kate Olsen! Men tager det nu som et kompliment 🙂

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