Probably the most mouthwatering experience this month was to scroll up and down… and up again on This US shop takes Beyonce’s song “If I Were A Boy” to a whole new level for me! This discovery is possibly the most dangerous ever for my wallet. But I would still wish I were a boy, because it seems that you must be pretty fast on purchasing these babies before there only a few US13 pairs left. Anyway, here they are…

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The last few days of the heat were almost like danish summer is used to be in general. With the sun shining all through the day it seemed to be a boring fact that the temperature only got up to 18 degrees. Bare legs came through the town in pairs and jackets were tossed over the arms. Even though the winter wasn’t that wintery this year, the summer is the most anticipated change we are waiting for.
As seen in Spring/Summer 2012 collections, magazines and streetstyle blogs the absolute must-colour this summer will be:

Designers’ choice:

Alexander Wang



Louis Vuitton

Stella McCartney

Street choice:

My addition to the white wardrobe:
Nike Air Max 90

pictures via, hanneli, , fashionsquad and vanillascented

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