Probably the most mouthwatering experience this month was to scroll up and down… and up again on This US shop takes Beyonce’s song “If I Were A Boy” to a whole new level for me! This discovery is possibly the most dangerous ever for my wallet. But I would still wish I were a boy, because it seems that you must be pretty fast on purchasing these babies before there only a few US13 pairs left. Anyway, here they are…

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While I’m still quite old-fashioned when thinking about conscious clothes, this spring collection for H&M had me convinced that clothes don’t have to be off-white, loose and linen-like to be conscious.

I have fallen in love with 3 classics:

The white tailored 3-piece suit

The black one-piece with cropped pants and open back


The perfect LBD


My birthday is coming up this weekend, and as much as I’ve been talking about it, it is in a new spirit. This year it is not the awaiting of presents that symbolizes the day. Neither it is a theme party, that’s going to fill the weekend. This time I am just looking forward to a day without work, eating a lot of tasty stuff and being with the people I love. But it wouldn’t be quite true if I didn’t mention that I’m also going to think that it’s My and only My day and that I’m going to dress up/dress pretty big time!

My birthday wishes moodboard:

Leggings a la these with some kind of Adidas print, I’ve browsed internet looking for exactly these ones for many hours, no luck.

wild silver rings

THIS!!! Or something Supreme, I like it All!

him, the cutest thing ever seen

rosa/beige lipstick

the perfect classic shirt

loose shirt in a nice quality and colour

SIMPLE silk top

the perfect t-shirt, in a nice, non-synthetic quality

rock’n’roll leather jacket, not too big and not to small

corsets like these

or like these

vintage sweatshirts with pop typing

anything inspired by this

something in bright mint

a blouse in this shape, shoulders are going to be the new bodypart, if you ask me

but it wasn’t about gifts, it’s just about an awesome day! 6 days to go!