I’m getting more and more motivated. I have exactly 15 days to write a top notch application for a university far far away. Suddenly it’s the only thing I am thinking of and suits me well, because as I’m getting older I should get more rational and find the call. Now I am pretty sure I’ve chosen the right way.

p.s. I’ve also been thinking more than I probably should about what I would do with myself if “The Vampire Diaries” tv-series suddenly stopped. It’s a terrifying thought. I am addicted to Damon Salvatore. But it’s another story.


My camera is pretty much broken, I’ve been definetly lazy and if you don’t count the marathon length of the youtube clips I watched last night, I have been trying to lay off the computer and actually do something. On one of the days with far too much energy I destroyed 2 of my drawing projects, being too impulsive and rushing. So now I’m down to one project: a book with the sketches of my favourite outfits. The general idea is to keep evaluating my illustration style, save inspiration and learn to draw people better and more alike. And as I never manage to get any pictures of my outfits on the good days I would like to use the drawings instead of pictures.
Last Saturday, after listening to Lana del Rey for the whole day I ended up with this outfit for the night:
(still in sneaks.. I really hope I’m going to be able to walk in high heels again!)