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Only a quick observation is needed to state that the guys’ absolute favourite style of shorts is cut-off denims.. It is understandable: they are only a 5 minute DIY away, they are fresh and comfortable and look good with absolutely everything. Then why would you need to wear anything else? Maybe because there are TOO many possibilities to be cool (both ways) this summer.
We will scroll through some of the types:

The classic, relaxed and yet bohemian:

The sharp fashionable eye-catching:

The everyday sporty and comfortable:

The geometric discrete, but still standing out:

The eccentric daring type:

There is plenty of choices, once you go discovering.

It seems like Copenhagen is getting a makeover these years. Everywhere you go there are buildings sprouting from the ground, streets getting wider, Metro stations being constructed in the cemeteries and squares. Most of the projects have a due date in 5 years or so.
One of the new rebuildings is the old Scala, that is being teared down at the moment. It became quickly a part of the sightseeing with many tourists getting their picture taken in front of it.

Yes, had to do it too!

The 18.000 square meter big building, built in the spirit of Art Deco, had originally housed a concert hall, then was divided into variety of shops, restaurants, 4 movie theaters, although was never really a financial success. The ground, that has housed the closed body of Scala since 2006, is planned to be cleared already by the 1st og July and ready for a new construction area, even bigger than before.

It will be Lundgaard & Tranberg archtitects, whose new project, inspired by the historical placement of the lookout towers on the rampart, is going to be the next addition to the modern buildings as Louisiana and The Royal Danish Playhouse.

While the construction work dominates most of central Copenhagen, the inhabitants are getting creative while choosing their new hangout places. For example did the popular area by the ‘Gammel Strand’ (The Old Banks Beach) got closed due the Metro construction work. Luckily there was a spot nearby ‘Ved Stranden’, that looked just alike and that momentarily got crowded and beloved.

Gammel Strand

Another example would be Assistens Cemetry, half of which is also under the construction. In the summertime it was a favourite spot for hanging out and sunbathing. The new spot, and also the hip one, is definitely Dronning Louises Bro (The Bridge og Queen Louise), already filled up every day the sun shows up, here in the spring time. Even though there are only about 5 benches on the bridge, people are not too shy to seat or lay on the ground, listening to music, eating their lunch or just hanging out and getting dizzy in the sun. This spot is very copenhagen-ish, you wouldn’t know it was that popular or signifact for Copenhagen if you were just passing by on your sightseeing tour. But it’s worth a visit!

Dronning Louises bro (photo by Bastien Vaucher)

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